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About Self-Levelling Epoxy Flooring for Industrial, Commercial and Decorative applications

Decorative polymer floors — you can not only transform a common room into an exclusive one, but also create an even seamless flooring which does not require any repairs in years to come. Features of polymer flooring are appraised by the great majority of customers. Besides its durability such floors will show the best resistance to various chemicals and environmental exposure.

HEAVENLY FLOORS UK offers the following services:

  • Installation of self-levelling flooring of any complexity level

  • Servicing of self-levelling flooring of any complexity level

  • Consulting services of self-levelling flooring

  • Exclusive self-levelling floor and 3D flooring technology workshop

in Ireland, England and Scotland

Extensive experience in this market sector and a brilliant team of professionals make it possible for our company to create the best self-levelling floors of any complexity level and possibly highest quality.

Highly qualified and fully trained specialists of company “HEAVENLY FLOORS UK” will provide you comprehensive aid upon selecting the self-levelling floor which fits for your requirements the best, bring into life any of your fantasies and also make sure that you are guided in further maintenance of the product.

Ideal self-levelling floor featuring a whole spectrum of advantages can be created only if the following criteria are strictly met:

  • Meeting all the operational demands (chemical impact, temperature drops, expected loads, possibility of mechanical impact)

  • Right choice of self-levelling floor in terms of chemical content and material characteristics (epoxy, polymer or cement-acrylic)

  • Proper preparation of the base of self-levelling floor (physical conditions of base, moisture control, removal of grease)

  • Right choice of layer’s thickness (initial thickness from 1.5 mm)

  • Selection of high quality material compound

  • Highly resistant to self-levelling floor construction equipment

Failing to meet the above said criteria will harm the quality of self-levelling floors and many advantages will be lost.

The whole spectrum of these issues is successfully solved with the help of our employees.

Self-levelling floors have become a very popular solution in Europe due to the set of unique features which cannot be provided by other flooring materials absolutely smooth cover without seams and gaps for any surface size, anti-statistic and hygienic features, durability, reliability, flexibility and resistance to physical and chemical impact, fire-safe and waterproof.

Besides if choosing the self-levelling floors produced by “HEAVENLY FLOORS UK” one can add a series of specific features like current-carrying, anti-slippery etc.

Materials from which floors and 3D walls are created are ecological and completely safe for health. If simplicity in use and applicability to wide temperature rage are added to the series of all benefits, eventually we will understand that no other flooring possess such characteristics.

Contemporary premises require use of modern hi-tech materials and company “HEAVENLY FLOORS UK” is here to help you to be in line with the latest trends and high quality standards. Contemporary technologies and huge variety of colours will help to create unsurpassed self-levelling floors with pictures and paintings that absolutely match your wishes and interior of premises. For instance, you can place company’s logo in lounge and during the years to come this original element of interior will surprise the visitors.

You can create original self-levelling floors in your apartment or self-levelling multi-coloured floor in the office building, a transparent floor in studio or floor with a painting in children room, and you will remain confident of your choice.

You can chose from the ready-made designs or our designer will create a new and unique one for you according to the interior; you can also choose between mat or shiny surface the outcome will surprise you and others.

By means of modern technologies the ornamental self-levelling floor can be created in any colour, pattern or painting according to your wishes.

We teach technologies that allow creating high-tech industrial and self-levelling 3D liquid floors.

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